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Curupira, It’s a Brazilian myth that the natives already knew from the time of discovery. Natives and Jesuits called him Caiçara, the protector of the animals and woods.
It is a dwarf with red hair and green body hair and teethAs protector of trees and animalshe oftenpunish the aggressors of Nature and the hunters who kills for pleasureIt is very powerful and strong.

His feet turned backwards serve to mislead the huntersleaving them always follow false trailsWhosees it completely loses its way, and do not know find your way back. It is impossible to capture itTo lure his victims, he sometimes calls people shouting that mimic the human voiceIt is also called the Father or Mother-of-Mato, Curupira and CaaporaFor the Guarani indigenous he’s the Demon of theForestSometimes it is seen riding a Collared peccary.

A letter from Priest Anchieta dated from 1560, said: “Here there are certain demons, which the natives call Curupira, which attack many times in the woods, giving them whips and wounding them.”

The natives, to please him, left in clearings, feathers, mats and blankets. According to belief, when enter the forest, one must take a roll of smoke to please him, in case you find him.

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